The Old Becomes the New

When I was a young man and had never been kissed I hated coriander. And I hated rice too. And, had lemon myrtle been around I would have hated  that as well. And I would have hated mountain pepper the most. 

But now I’m a little older, a fair bit older, the worm has turned.  Some old prejudices have passed away, I’ve had my first kiss, coriander is looking pretty good , rice is  up front  and centre and  I continually submit to the seductive nuances of  lemon myrtle .     

Childhood tastes no longer haunt my palate for the ghosts of soggy cabbage, blancmange, rice pudding and assorted school yard meals are now gone. Salt, pepper and chips with everything is no longer the order of the day.

A coming of age you might say but it is not a journey I have taken alone. So many of us have similar     culinary roots but we have reached different destinations at different times.   We have literally had hundreds of people visit Tumbeela over the last 10 or so years but so few come with any awareness of the edible aromatic herbs and spices , nuts and berries growing in the Australian bush.

 But as we learn about them, we learn to love them—- but don’t you think it’s a tad ironic that we learnt to love coriander, chilli, and fermented fish sauce first?

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