Meet the Growers


Ewa and Warren Jones, being people of passion for good food, found the idea of becoming involved in the establishment of a uniquely Australian cuisine a very exciting one. In 1995 with unquenchable enthusiasm they began what they readily admit was a hit and miss attempt to grow a range of native food plants in the Adelaide Hills.

Since 1996 their customer base has been wide and diverse, including restaurants, hotels, food manufacturers, distilleries, cheese wrights, cocktail bars, value-adders, and of course, home ‘chefs’. They have had wide media attention including three TV programs and countless magazine and newspaper articles.

In 2017 they were awarded the ‘Delicious’ magazine’s inaugural trophy for ‘The most outstanding Native Food Producer’.

The rest as they say is history.

Unless of course we give world class chef and Master Chef judge, Jock Zonfrillo, the final word, which we often do: ” I’m overjoyed there are people like Warren and Ewa out there. What they do is unreal.”

Warren, Ewa & Sasha

Trophy winners!