Meet the Growers


Ewa and Warren Jones, being people of passion for good food, found the idea of becoming involved in the establishment of a uniquely Australian cuisine a very exciting one. In 1995 with unquenchable enthusiasm they began what they readily admit was a hit and miss attempt to grow a range of native food plants.

As teachers they had been involved in the establishment of innovative schools in Sydney, so doing something unconventional was not a new experience for them. There was a great deal of scepticism from local farmers as they learned of the project as Ewa and Warren, complete farming novices, attempted to do something that many agricultural experts believed was impractical if not impossible.

There was no one to whom they could turn for advice. There were no experienced growers to help out. Ewa and Warren literally learnt from their mistakes. They planted and replanted, tinkered and re-tinkered. As modern day pioneers they were working part time and blind, without practical knowledge or infrastructure support but they stayed with their dream.

The rest as they say is history. Unless of course we give world class chef Jock Zonfillo the final word, which we often do: “I’m overjoyed there are people like Warren and Ewa out there. What they’re doing is unreal”.

Warren and Ewa Jones

Warren and Ewa Jones